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Virtual Immersive Mock-ups

Sharing look & feel

Before building physical mock-ups, remotely share Arsenal VIMs with your client!


Virtual Immersive Mock-ups are the best all-round VR experience in the sector


Arsenal VIMs brings graphic realism at the highest level

Arsenal VIMs are fully compatible with most VR headsets

We are pushing VR realism to its limits

Arsenal Virtual Immersive Mock-ups are aesthetical 3D virtual environments used to present to the customer look & feel of complex products as cabins and other ship areas before building the physical mock-up.

A Virtual Reality experience is just as good as its level of immersion. When users wearing a VR headset forget they are in a simulated scenario, then we have achieved our goal. In order to improve the feeling of immersion, sensory input other than visuals has to be properly fed into our brain, and touch is probably the most important one.

We are exploring the integration of cutting-edge touch devices into our VR mock-ups and applications, so as to deliver the best all-round VR experience in the sector.

Arsenal aesthetical VIMs are created from CAD drawings, technical specifications and real samples. VIMs are then ready to be shared with the customer to evaluate the project down to the finest detail, before building the physical mock-up.

We will be grateful to talk to you about your needs and to set-up a personalised offer for a custom built solution.