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For design review

Cobalt software improves the efficiency of design review sessions reducing the time required to carry them out


Cobalt allows designers to check their designs immediately

Cobalt increases the understanding of the product at the design stage
Cobalt makes it possible to visualize complex systems in virtual reality in real time
Cobalt has been fully tested on real projects and is being used by Fincanteri

Explore your CAD project in minutes with Cobalt DR

Cobalt is the technical software, fully developed by Arsenal, that enables a more effective way to review designs based on 3D CAD models.

Cobalt allows the user to explore their CAD project in VR in seconds or minutes, without requiring any kind of manual processing on the drawings, even if the 3D data is too large to be handled by a regular VR viewer.

VR scenes built with Cobalt can be exported as a single file. Think of it as the “PDF of Virtual Reality”. We also produce a free viewer application to view (either on the computer’s screen or in a VR headset) the exported files.

In addition to design review and for initial design, Cobalt can also be used in other fields such as marketing presentations, training, etc.



design review degli ambienti

Design review of environments

design review degli ambienti

Check visibility of on-board equipment

design review degli ambienti

Check ergonomics of environments

design review degli ambienti

Sharing of projects with customers


  • With Cobalt you can naturally explore even large and detailed CAD projects, thanks to intelligent data management techniques.
  • The exploration of the project can take place on the computer’s screen, on a 3D television, on a stereoscopic projection or through the use of a virtual reality viewer.
  • You can record a design review session and then replay it later.
  • You can capture screenshots and voice notes, which are stored in a database that can be consulted at the end of the session or during the recording of the same.
  • You can complete drawings from different software and in different formats, combining them into a single complete scene.

Cobalt software License

We offer Cobalt as a software license with support for software installation, user training, a remote help-desk. In addition, we can also support you by providing the software required, e.g. workstation, head mounted VR device (Oculus), 3D theatre, etc.

We will be grateful to talk to you about your needs and to set-up a personalised offer for a custom built solution.